Annual Meeting of the Polish American Business Club was held on February 22nd at Hampton Inn & Suites in Fairfield, NJ

On Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 PABC Members gathered for the Annual Meeting of the Polish American Business Club. The meeting was held at the Hampton Inn&Suites in Fairfield, NJ.

At the meeting Members nominated the following members for the Board of Directors: Jan Rudomina, Robert Nizioł, Leszek Sadowski, Witold Karwowski, and Zdzisław Więckowski.

The Board of Directors announced the new Officer structure: 

Jan Rudomina was nominated PABC Chariman, Robert Nizioł will continue serving the Club as President, Dorota Warchoł became Vice President of Programming, Nick Sadowski will continue as VP of Membership, Krzysztof Matyszczyk as Treasurer, and Aleksandra Slabisz was nominated as Secretary.

Following a resolution by the Board of Directors to grant all Founding Members Honorary Membership, Henryk Rożek and Jerzy Leśniak were presented with Honorary Membership diplomas in recognition for their dedication and contribution to the Polish American Business Club. Additionally, Henryk Rożek received Appreciation Award for his years-long dedication to the PABC as founder, chairman and director.

Robert Nizioł (on the left) and Sławomir Tomkowski (on the right) present Jerzy Leśniak with Honorary Membership:



















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