Wojciech Jackowski – new president of the Polish American Business Club.

At the Annual Meeting, which was held at the Kosciuszko Foundation, members of the Polish American Business Club elected new members for the Board of Directors and chose Executive Officers.

Jan Rudomina, Robert Niziol, Wojciech Jackowski, Witold Karwowski and Lukas Macniak have been elected to PABC Board of Directors and will serve on the board for the next three years. Jan Rudomina has been reelected to serve as Chairman.

Following the elections, the new Board of Directors elected the following Officers:
Wojtek Jackowski – President
Bolek Ryzinski – VP of Membership
Lukas Macniak – VP of Programming
Krzysztof Matyszczyk – Treasurer
Aleksandra Slabisz – Secretary

Congratulations to the new Board of Directors and Officers and many thanks to the outgoing members of the Board and Officers who have dedicated their time and energy to the Club in the last couple of years!


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