PABC members and their families gathered at an annual Christmas Party on December 12, 2015

This year's annual PABC Christmas Party was hosted by one of PABC members Leszek Sadowski at the offices of Bluberries/Nowy Dziennik in Garfield, NJ.

As has become tradition the event gathered members and their families. PABC had also pleasure to enjoy the company of such distinguished guests as Consul Mateusz Stąsiek from the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland, Consul Sabina Klimek and Consul Aneta Kuczewska from the Trade and Investment Section of the Consulate General of Poland. Joining the party was also Matt Tyrmand, a businessman and political commentator.

During the gathering Chairman of the Board – Jan Rudomina and PABC President – Witold Karwowski honored Robert Nizioł for his outstanding leadership and contribution to PABC during his terms as president.

From left:  Leszek Sadowski, Jan Rudomina and Robert Nizioł

From left: PABC President Witold Karwowski, Nick Sadowski (VP of Event) and Chairman of the Board – Jan Rudomina


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